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Table 4 Result of bootstrapping mediation analysis in Model 1: Assessing social capital as a mediator in the relationship between socioeconomic status (SES) and life satisfaction

From: The mediating role of social capital in the relationship between socioeconomic status and adolescent wellbeing: evidence from Ghana

Indirect PathIndirect Effect95% BCCI
Ratio (*100) Specific Mediation Effect to Total Effecta (%)
SES → FSB → LS0.0550.0120.0330.07923.305
SES → SSB → LS0.0000.003− 0.0060.0060.000
SES → FAS → LS0.0330.0090.0170.05313.983
SES → FC → LS0.0120.0060.0020.0255.085
  1. N = 1236, B Unstandardised coefficients, BootSE Bootstrapping standard error, BCCI Bias-corrected confidence intervals, a Ratio calculated as 100 × (indirect effect (B) / total effect), where the total effect is the sum of all mediation effects (i.e., the sum of indirect effects) and the direct effect [33]. About a total proportion of 42.38% was mediated by social capital. All the sociodemographic variables were controlled for in the model