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  1. Research article

    Health impacts of chemical irritants used for crowd control: a systematic review of the injuries and deaths caused by tear gas and pepper spray

    Chemical irritants used in crowd control, such as tear gases and pepper sprays, are generally considered to be safe and to cause only transient pain and lacrimation. However, there are numerous reports that us...

    Rohini J. Haar, Vincent Iacopino, Nikhil Ranadive, Sheri D. Weiser and Madhavi Dandu

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:831

    Published on: 19 October 2017

  2. Study protocol

    The GREENH-City interventional research protocol on health in all policies

    This paper presents the research protocol of the GoveRnance for Equity, EnviroNment and Health in the City (GREENH-City) project funded by the National Institute for Cancer (Subvention N°2017–003-INCA). In Fra...

    Marion Porcherie, Zoé Vaillant, Emmannuelle Faure, Stéphane Rican, Jean Simos, Nicola Luca Cantoreggi, Zoé Heritage, Anne Roue Le Gall, Linda Cambon, Thierno Amadou Diallo, Eva Vidales and Jeanine Pommier

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:820

    Published on: 18 October 2017

  3. Research article

    A qualitative exploration of work-related head injury: vulnerability at the intersection of workers’ decision making and organizational values

    Work-related head injury is a critical public health issue due to its rising prevalence; the association with profound disruption of workers’ lives; and significant economic burdens in terms of medical costs a...

    P. Kontos, A. Grigorovich, B. Nowrouzi, B. Sharma, J. Lewko, T. Mollayeva and A. Colantonio

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:824

    Published on: 18 October 2017

  4. Research article

    Investigating local policy drivers for alcohol harm prevention: a comparative case study of two local authorities in England

    The considerable challenges associated with implementing national level alcohol policies have encouraged a renewed focus on the prospects for local-level policies in the UK and elsewhere. We adopted a case stu...

    John D. Mooney, John Holmes, Lucy Gavens, Frank de Vocht, Matt Hickman, Karen Lock and Alan Brennan

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:825

    Published on: 18 October 2017

  5. Research article

    Occupational blood exposures in health care workers: incidence, characteristics, and transmission of bloodborne pathogens in South Korea

    Health care workers (HCWs) are at high risk for occupational blood exposures (OBEs) and transmission of bloodborne pathogens. This study elucidated the incidence rate and epidemiological characteristics of OBE...

    Ju Hyun Lee, Junhyeon Cho, Yung Jung Kim, Sang Hyuk Im, Eun Sun Jang, Jin-Wook Kim, Hong Bin Kim and Sook-Hyang Jeong

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:827

    Published on: 18 October 2017

  6. Correction

    Correction to: A large and persistent outbreak of typhoid fever caused by consuming contaminated water and street-vended beverages: Kampala, Uganda, January – June 2015

    Steven Ndugwa Kabwama, Lilian Bulage, Fred Nsubuga, Gerald Pande, David Were Oguttu, Richardson Mafigiri, Christine Kihembo, Benon Kwesiga, Ben Masiira, Allen Eva Okullo, Henry Kajumbula, Joseph KB Matovu, Issa Makumbi, Milton Wetaka, Sam Kasozi, Simon Kyazze…

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:823

    Published on: 18 October 2017

    The original article was published in BMC Public Health 2017 17:23

  7. Research article

    Prevalence and factors associated with intestinal parasites among food handlers of food and drinking establishments in Aksum Town, Northern Ethiopia

    Various epidemiological studies indicate that the prevalence of intestinal parasites is high in developing countries and those parasites are major public health importance in Sub-Saharan Africa. Their distribu...

    Dejen Gezehegn, Mebrahtu Abay, Desalegn Tetemke, Hiwet Zelalem, Hafte Teklay, Zeray Baraki and Girmay Medhin

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:819

    Published on: 17 October 2017

  8. Research article

    How effective are family-based and institutional nutrition interventions in improving children’s diet and health? A systematic review

    Effective strategies to improve dietary intake in young children are a priority to reduce the high prevalence of chronic non-communicable diseases in adulthood. This study aimed to assess the impact of family-...

    Andrew P. Black, Katina D’Onise, Robyn McDermott, Hassan Vally and Kerin O’Dea

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:818

    Published on: 17 October 2017

  9. Correction

    Correction to: Socioeconomic inequalities in smoking habits are still increasing in Italy

    Giuseppe Verlato, Simone Accordini, Giang Nguyen, Pierpaolo Marchetti, Lucia Cazzoletti, Marcello Ferrari, Leonardo Antonicelli, Francesco Attena, Valeria Bellisario, Roberto Bono, Lamberto Briziarelli, Lucio Casali, Angelo Guido Corsico, Alessandro Fois, Maria Grazia Panico, Pavilio Piccioni…

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:815

    Published on: 17 October 2017

    The original article was published in BMC Public Health 2014 14:879

  10. Research article

    Ideas, actors and institutions: lessons from South Australian Health in All Policies on what encourages other sectors’ involvement

    This paper examines the extent to which actors from sectors other than health engaged with the South Australian Health in All Policies (HiAP) initiative, determines why they were prepared to do so and explains...

    Fran Baum, Toni Delany-Crowe, Colin MacDougall, Angela Lawless, Helen van Eyk and Carmel Williams

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:811

    Published on: 16 October 2017

  11. Research article

    Exploring the impact of the care sport connector in the Netherlands

    Regular physical activity (PA) is deemed to contribute to the primary and secondary prevention of several chronic diseases, like diabetes mellitus, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and osteoporosis. In 2012, C...

    Karlijn E. F. Leenaars, Eva Smit, Annemarie Wagemakers, Gerard R. M. Molleman and Maria A. Koelen

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:813

    Published on: 16 October 2017

  12. Research article

    Designing equitable workplace dietary interventions: perceptions of intervention deliverers

    Workplaces are a good setting for interventions that aim to support workers in achieving a healthier diet and body weight. However, little is known about the factors that impact on the feasibility and implemen...

    Sarah A. Smith, Shelina Visram, Claire O’Malley, Carolyn Summerbell, Vera Araujo-Soares, Frances Hillier-Brown and Amelia A. Lake

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:808

    Published on: 16 October 2017

  13. Research article

    Situation and determinants of the infant and young child feeding (IYCF) indicators in Madagascar: analysis of the 2009 Demographic and Health Survey

    Studies evaluating child feeding in Madagascar are scarce despite its importance in child growth during the first two years of life. This study assessed the associations between the WHO infant and young child ...

    Hasina Rakotomanana, Gail E. Gates, Deana Hildebrand and Barbara J. Stoecker

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:812

    Published on: 16 October 2017

  14. Research article

    The impact of multiple interventions to reduce household exposure to second-hand tobacco smoke among women: a cluster randomized controlled trial in Kalutara district, Sri Lanka

    Second-hand smoke (SHS) in households remains a serious public health problem in Sri Lanka, partly due to a lack of voluntary prohibitions of tobacco smoking inside houses. Women are especially at risk of bein...

    A. M. A. A. P. Alagiyawanna, N. Rajapaksa –Hewageegana and N. Gunawardena

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:810

    Published on: 16 October 2017

  15. Research article

    Determinants of self-rated health among shanghai elders: a cross-sectional study

    As the most populous nation in the world, China has now becoming an emerging ageing society. Shanghai is the first city facing the challenge of ageing demographics. Against this background, a study that employ...

    Weizhen Dong, Jin Wan, Yanjun Xu, Chun Chen, Ge Bai, Lyuying Fang, Anjiang Sun, Yinghua Yang and Ying Wang

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:807

    Published on: 13 October 2017

  16. Research article

    The relative efficiency of Iranian’s rural traffic police: a three-stage DEA model

    Road traffic Injuries (RTIs) as a health problem imposes governments to implement different interventions. Target achievement in this issue required effective and efficient measures. Efficiency evaluation of t...

    Habibollah Rahimi, Hamid Soori, Seyed Saeed Hashemi Nazari, Seyed Abbas Motevalian, Adel Azar, Eskandar Momeni and Mehdi Javartani

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:806

    Published on: 13 October 2017

  17. Research article

    Working people with type 1 diabetes in the Finnish population

    The incidence of type 1 diabetes is increasing worldwide. Since so little is known about work life of individuals with type 1 diabetes, we examined incidence and prevalence trends of type 1 diabetes among work...

    Pirjo Hakkarainen, Reijo Sund, Martti Arffman, Sari Koski, Vilma Hänninen, Leena Moilanen and Kimmo Räsänen

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:805

    Published on: 12 October 2017

  18. Research article

    Tuberculosis among older adults in Zambia: burden and characteristics among a neglected group

    The 2010 Global Burden of Disease estimates show that 57% of all TB deaths globally occurred among adults older than 50 years of age. Few studies document the TB burden among older adults in Southern Africa. W...

    Jenna Coffman, Pascalina Chanda-Kapata, Ben J. Marais, Nathan Kapata, Alimuddin Zumla and Joel Negin

    BMC Public Health 2017 17:804

    Published on: 12 October 2017

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