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Table 2 Definition of physical activity parenting practice constructs

From: Conceptualizing physical activity parenting practices using expert informed concept mapping analysis

Domain/Construct Definition
• Permissive Parent does not guide their child’s behaviors and allows them to decide whether they engage in physical activity
• Pressuring Parent criticizes, nags, forces, pressures, punishes, or uses threats to get their children to be physically active
Autonomy Support
• Encouragement Parent suggests or encourages child to be physically active by explaining the reasons for being active, highlighting role models or provides positive verbal reinforcement for doing so
• Guided Choice Parent promotes independence in decisions related to physical activity by providing child with options or by negotiating with the child
• Involvement Parent demonstrates an interest in the child’s participation in physical activity or sports by watching child participate in his/her physical activity or sports, talking about his/her physical activities, teaching child new skills, and volunteering/coaching in child physical activity or sports
• Praises/Rewards Parent positively reinforces participation in PA by verbally praising their child or acknowledging their participation without coercing their participation
• Co-participation Parent engages in physical activity with their child
• Expectations Parent sets clear expectations about physical activity as to when and how much physical activity the child should do
• Facilitation Parent positively supports child physical activity by getting them involved in activities through enrollment or taking them to places to be active, and by supporting their physical activity (financial assistance, provision of equipment, services such as transportation and planning physical activities)
• Modeling Parent models an active lifestyle
• Monitoring Parent tracks child involvement in physical activity
• Restriction for safety/academic concerns Parental concerns about safety and academic performance results in limiting child involvement in physical activity