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Fig. 1

From: Improved dynamics of sharing research findings in the COVID-19 epidemic compared with the SARS and Ebola epidemics

Fig. 1

The Number of PubMed Publications Containing the Term Coronavirus in Their “Title/Abstract” From 6th October to 29th March.

The term “Coronavirus” was searched in the articles published in the PubMed database. The figure shows the number of publications based on their Date Created (DA) and consists of articles published from 6th October to 29th March. As the figure shows, the sustained rise in the number of research papers occurred on 19-25th January, 3 weeks after WHO was notified (31st December), and 6 weeks after the epidemic started (8th December 2019). Dashed-line refers to the Number 16.68 in which a 99% significant increase occurs, and all of the numbers higher than it are statistically significant (red bars). Each date shows the first day of the week

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