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Table 5 Mean Birth weight and proportion of perinatal deaths for HIV-uninfected and by ART status among HIV-infected mothers for the 2010 MDHS data

From: Assessing the effects of maternal HIV infection on pregnancy outcomes using cross-sectional data in Malawi

 Birth weightPerinatal Mortality
 Mean (95% CI)p-valueProp.(95% CI)p-value
HIV-infected on ART (m1)3128.1(2982.5,3273.7)0.64 (m1 vs m2)4.3(0.2, 8.3)0.03(m1 vs m2)
HIV-infected not on ART(m2)3031.9(2865.8, 3198.0) 9.4(3.5, 15.2) 
HIV-uninfected (m3)3231.4(3208.8, 3253.9)0.02(m1 vs m3)4.0(3.4, 4.7)0.9(m1 vs m3)