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Table 12 Top 10 signs and symptoms of HF recorded in the definite and probable HF population

From: The epidemiology of heart failure in the general Australian community - study of heart failure in the Australian primary carE setting (SHAPE): methods

 Sign/symptom combinations recorded in the notesNumberPercent
All patients
 2Dyspnoea & PND6463.0%
 4Dyspnoea & Orthopnoea5492.5%
 5Dyspnoea & displaced apex beat2311.1%
 7Dyspnoea, Orthopnoea & PND1300.6%
 8Dyspnoea & elevated JVP1230.6%
 9Displaced apex beat1040.5%
 10Elevated JVP580.3%
Active patients
 2Dyspnoea & PND6383.2%
 4Dyspnoea & Orthopnoea5352.6%
 5Dyspnoea & displaced apex beat2251.1%
 7Dyspnoea, Orthopnoea & PND1240.6%
 8Dyspnoea & elevated JVP1170.6%
 9Displaced apex beat1000.5%
 10Elevated JVP520.3%