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Table 10 Top 10 diagnosis terms recorded in the definite HF population

From: The epidemiology of heart failure in the general Australian community - study of heart failure in the Australian primary carE setting (SHAPE): methods

 Diagnostic terms recorded in the notesNumberPercent
All patients
 1Congestive heart failure466327.5%
 2Heart failure245714.5%
 3Cardiac failure7234.3%
 4Heart failure & Congestive heart failure6724.0%
 5Diastolic dysfunction3702.2%
 6Pulmonary oedema3642.2%
 8Cardiac failure & Congestive heart failure2141.3%
 9Ventricular failure1941.1%
 10Heart failure & Cardiac failure1691.0%
Active patients
 1Congestive heart failure439328.4%
 2Heart failure217714.1%
 3Cardiac failure6744.4%
 4Heart failure & Congestive heart failure6394.1%
 5Diastolic dysfunction3562.3%
 6Pulmonary oedema3312.1%
 8Cardiac failure & Congestive heart failure2081.3%
 9Ventricular failure1811.2%
 10Heart failure & Cardiac failure1601.0%