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Table 5 Results of the direct effect of socioeconomic status and social capital on the happiness of in-school adolescents: Model 2

From: The mediating role of social capital in the relationship between socioeconomic status and adolescent wellbeing: evidence from Ghana

PredictorsCE (B)SEtp
Socioeconomic status0.0150.0121.196.232
Family sense of belonging0.0560.0068.988<.001
School sense of belonging0.0140.0062.512<.05
Family autonomy support0.0200.0036.378<.001
Family control−0.0150.006−2.539<.05
Total effect
Total effect of socioeconomic status on happiness.048.0133.677<.001
  1. N = 1236, B Unstandardised coefficients, SE Standard error, t T-test. All the sociodemographic variables were controlled for in the model