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Table 1 Descriptive analysis of in-school adolescents employed in the study

From: The mediating role of social capital in the relationship between socioeconomic status and adolescent wellbeing: evidence from Ghana

 Valid N(%)Mean(SD)Range
 Personal Characteristics
  Age  16.25(±1.492)13–18
Age Cohort
 Young adolescent600(29.01)   
 Older adolescent1468(70.99)   
 Dagaaba or Dagaate1252(60.5)   
Marital status
 Never married1905(92.1)   
 Separated / broke-up18(0.9)   
Religious affiliation
Self-rated health
School characteristics
  Wa west299(14.5)   
  Wa Municipal300(14.5)   
  Wa East273(13.2)   
 School residential status
  Day Student789(38.2)   
Class level
 JHS 1380(18.4)   
 JHS 2294(14.2)   
 SHS 1956(46.2)   
 SHS 2438(21.2)   
Bullying status
Family characteristics
 Family structure
  Single Parent417(20.2)   
  Both Parents1262(61.0)   
  Family relatives271(13.1)   
 Number of siblings
  No siblings46(2.2)   
  Above 1024(1.2)   
  1. N = Sample size, % = sample percentage, SD Standard deviation