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Table 2 Communication of SRH issues among surveyed respondents

From: Exploring issues in caregivers and parent communication of sexual and reproductive health matters with adolescents in Ebonyi state, Nigeria

VariablesNFrequency (n)Weighted percent (%)
Ever discussed sex-related matters with anyone 50047.9
Never discussed sex-related matters with anyone 54552.1
*Person with whom sex was discussed500  
Friends 38877.7
Teacher 7815.3
Siblings 5010.0
Mother 479.4
Other family members 427.4
Health workers 71.4
Other people 360.7
Frequency of discussion of sex-related matters500  
Weekly 7615.0
Monthly 6012.1
Yearly 101.9
Occasionally (when something happens) 34068.1
Others 132.7
Refused to say 10.1
  1. *Multiple response allowed