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Table 2 Alcohol consumption by deprivation group and whether admitted

From: Drinking beer, wine or spirits – does it matter for inequalities in alcohol-related hospital admission? A record-linked longitudinal study in Wales

 Less deprivedMore deprived
N (%)with admissionN (%)with admission
Drinking frequency*
 Not at all in the past year785 (11.2)8595 (15.0)7
 Less than weekly2404 (34.3)91575 (39.7)19
 More than weekly3813 (54.5)431802 (45.4)45
Binge drinking*
 None in past week2573 (37.3)171834 (46.9)28
 Some but not binge2688 (39.0)191068 (27.3)16
 Binge1628 (23.6)221009 (25.8)27
Drank at least one unit of*
 Beer or Cider2121 (30.8)271269 (32.4)31
 Wine or Champagne2336 (33.9)16759 (19.4)13
 Spirits or other1242 (18.0)14656 (16.8)16
Total cohort704260399671
  1. *Numbers do not sum due to missing data