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Table 3 Changes in Community Interest

From: Effective strategies to reduce commercial tobacco use in Indigenous communities globally: A systematic review

  Activities Outcome
Individual Community Legislative  
Project Name Study Brief intervention Pharmacotherapy Behavioural support Training health-care professionals Incentives for Quitting Media Campaigns Education Events Distribution of Resources Peer Support Quitline/ Quit support Ceremonial Practices Smoking Ban Sales Restrictions Tax Increase Community Interest
The Be Our Ally Beat Smoking (BOABS) study Marley et al., 2014 [68]
Marley et al., 2014 [27]
Marley et al., 2014 [111]
Deadly Choices Malseed, 2013 [24]
Malseed et al., 2014 [25]
The Tobacco Action Project Ivers, 2005 [22]
Ivers et al., 2006 [31]
The Tobacco Project Thomas, Johnston & Fitz, 2010 [23]           
Top End Tobacco Project Robertson et al., 2013 [44]
Robertson, 2010 [28]
Wiidookowishin (Help Me) program Bosma et al., 2014 [26] D’Silva et al., 2011 [58]               
  1. ↑: increase in outcome; ↓: decrease in outcome; No change: no change in outcome; ns: non-significant result