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Table 1 Summary of park facilities/amenities

From: How active are people in metropolitan parks? An observational study of park visitation in Australia

Park facilities/amenities Park located in low SES area Park located in high SES area
Outdoor sports courts (i.e. tennis, basketball) No No
Sports ovals No No
Number of playgrounds 2 1
Shade over playgrounds No No
Separate playground areas for different age groups No No
Toilets Yes Yes
Kiosk Yes Yes
Drinking fountains Yes No
Shelters, Picnic tables, benches, bbq’s Yes Yes
Bike racks Yes No
Rubbish bins No No
Litter present Very little Some
Risky litter visible No Very little
Graffiti visible No No
Water feature (i.e. River, creek) No Yes
Trees Yes Yes
Signs saying dogs must be on leash Yes Yes
Dog litter bags provided No No
Paths or cycleways within the park Yes Yes
Designated cycle path/trail link to park Yes Yes
Car parking facilities within the park Yes Yes
Access to public transport within one block of park Yes Yes
Pedestrian crossing on bordering streets to assist access to the park No No