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Table 2 Examples of change objectives for selected performance objectives

From: Evidence, Theory and Context: Using intervention mapping to develop a worksite physical activity intervention

Performance objective Determinant Change objective(s)
P.O. 6. Monitor current levels of activity in work-time/leisure time Intention Increase intention to monitor current activity levels
  Self-efficacy Express confidence in monitoring current and ongoing activity levels at work Demonstrate ability to monitor current and ongoing activity levels at work
  Knowledge Know what counts as 'activity' Know how to complete monitoring form
P.O.8 Manage competing demands in work Attitude Increase recognition of importance of physical activity
  Self-efficacy Express confidence in managing competing demands at work Demonstrate ability to manage competing demands at work
  Subjective norms Manage others expectations of you at work
  Knowledge Know demands on your time
P.O20. Overcome barriers to increasing physical activity in commute to work Self-efficacy Get confidence in ability to overcome barriers
  Subjective norms Enlist others to help overcome barriers
  Knowledge Identify barriers and ways to overcome them
PO36. Audit family and friends' preferences for physical activity intention Intend to find out what types of physical activity family want to engage in
  Self-efficacy Have the ability to convince others about importance of doing physical activity
  Subjective norms Enlist support from family and friends
  Knowledge Know what other people who are close to you want to engage in