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Table 1 Barrier and facilitators to engaging in physical activity identified in the focus groups

From: Evidence, Theory and Context: Using intervention mapping to develop a worksite physical activity intervention

No. focus groups Barrier No. focus groups Lever
12 I don't have any time 5 Doing things with other people
11 I'm too tired by the time I get home after work 4 Having access to gym at work
8 I just can't be bothered 4 Having a goal
8 There aren't any convenient facilities 4 Doing things you enjoy
7 It is more important for me to relax when I'm not working 3 Sign-posting (knowing where to go for info)
6 I have too many other commitments 3 Monitoring your activity levels
6 I don't like getting hot and sweaty 3 Planning
4 It's too dangerous to do things on my own 2 Monetary incentive
4 I'm too embarrassed 2 Having a routine
3 My manager and colleagues would frown on me taking a break 2 Being inspired by others