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Table 3 Pneumonia and Influenza Hospitalizations by Geographic Location – First Nations Communities in Manitoba and Ontario only (Crude rates per 100,000 per week)

From: Admission to hospital for pneumonia and influenza attributable to 2009 pandemic A/H1N1 Influenza in First Nations communities in three provinces of Canada

  2009 2004-08 H1N1 Attributable Rate Ratio: 2009:2004-08
Manitoba First Nations Communities
Remote/Isolated 27.69 18.29 9.40 1.51
Other 25.71 18.64 7.07 1.38
Rate Ratio 1.077 0.98 1.32 1.10*
Ontario First Nations Communities
Remote/Isolated 7.05 7.91 −0.88 0.89
Other 21.47 13.56 7.91 1.58
Rate Ratio 0.33 0.58 −0.11 0.56*
  1. Crude rates of hospitalization for pneumonia or influenza (any diagnostic field) per 100,000 population per week. 2009 represents the average combined rate of both waves of H1N1 and 2004-08 the average rate during the same weeks in each of the prior 5 years. *Indicates the “ratio of ratios” which represents the degree to which the rate of P&I admissions in remote or isolated FN communities increased (or decreased) relative to the rates in other FN communities after taking into account expected differences in rates based on rates of hospitalization of P&I in 2004-2009.
  2. British Columbia data was not included as the nature of the data set did not permit this particular subgroup analysis.