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Table 1 Topics of Focus Group Discussions Question Guides

From: Protocol for a national, mixed-methods knowledge, attitudes and practices survey on non-communicable diseases

Topics of discussions Directions of discussions
Nutrition 1. Knowledge of the role of fruit and vegetable consumption as a part of a healthy diet and nutrition;
2. Factors influencing fruit and vegetable consumption (social, economic, geographic, access);
3. Knowledge of negative and positive influences of fruit and vegetable consumption among the population and availability of information related to it;
4. Direct and indirect dietary sources of salt and knowledge the health impacts of salt consumption.
Physical activity 1. Understanding of what is physical activity;
2. Positive and negative health impacts of being physically active and inactive;
3. Awareness of types of physical activity.
Alcohol consumption 1. Thoughts and knowledge of appropriate alcohol consumption;
2. Factors influencing excessive alcohol consumption;
3. Knowledge of the negative impacts and health risks of alcohol consumption.